MS Fabriicated

MS Fabriicated Jacketed Bitumen Pump: Model No TBMS

Pumps are made without welded type Jacketed Pump are substitute for Temp Cap-250 To 300 Degree that time no crake no leakage. ”Turno” Make Jacketed Rotary Gear Pump are suitable for Highly viscous liquid like Bituman, Coltar, Asphalnt, Wax, Grease, Fuurnace oil, High Viscsity oils, Adhesives, Resin, Molases, Sillicate & others. In Jackated Circulation Steam, Hot Oil, Hot Thermic Oil or Hot Water get circulated in the Jacketed on the Pump Body to Heat the Liquid being Pumped after geting its melting Temperature or Fluidity of Liquid the Pump will start.

Technical Details

Pump Size :
2” * 2” & 3” * 3”, (Screw End)
Discharge Head/Pressure :
Max up to 0 to 10Kg/Cm2
Capacity :
50 LPM to 1000 LPM
100 to 500 RPM

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